Zahra on the Women’s Day

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Zahra on the Women’s Day


My thoughts on the International Women’s Day

As a child i suffered a lot from a young age and i did not live a childhood like all the other children did. But i learned to be strong and tough and realistic, through the daily life.

I learned how important is to smile despite the silent paint i was handling. Sometimes, i might feel weak, but i try to live my life at its fullest. Pain motivates me and empowers me to move forward. It keeps me dreaming that one day all women who suffer, will overcome pain, will seize life.

War prevented me from living a proper childhood. But i still stand tall in my feet. I am still dreaming of working as a journalist, so i could speak over realities that world does not know. A journalist must be honest and portray facts and realities as they are. A journalist must speak her/his mind, must be honest towards life and people.

I will not loose hope.

I will keep smiling despite the sadness that sometimes overwhelms me.

Happy International Women’s Day!



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