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What is the Greek Forum of Refugees?

GFR is a refugee-led organization based in Greece, consisting of refugee/migrant communities, professionals and individuals. Its ultimate goal is the effective inclusion and integration of refugees/immigrants and asylum seekers in the host society.

GFR is a self-advocacy organization founded by refugees, with refugees, for refugees. Its action and activities are based on three key pillars:

a. Representation of refugees and migrants on national, European and International levels

b. Empowerment of refugee and migrant communities, and

c. Social and political integration and inclusion of refugees and migrants in the host society

Although the Greek Forum of Refugees, primarily, is a self-advocacy organization, it has been actively present on the ground during times of different consecutive and continuous crises in Greece, such as the “refugee crisis” of 2015-2016, the pandemic crisis, and the Ukrainian crisis with thousands of asylum seekers from Ukraine.

Greek Forum of Refugees is a grassroots organization, present on the ground helping the most vulnerable and marginalized people, supporting those in need, especially women with children, families and individuals with multiple life-threatening diseases, and people with special needs.

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