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Vaccines for all: We protect our community!

On Saturday, November 6, at the offices of the Congolese community in Greece, the Greek Forum of Refugees co-organized with the community an informative session on the vaccination against COVID19. The meeting was attended by the distinguished surgeon, oncologist and Doctor of the Medical School of the University of Athens, Mr. Fernand Tshizanu, who answered a series of interesting and critical questions from members of the community.

The meeting took place both in the physical presence of a certain number of members of the community and through the zoom platform, in the contextof the preventive of COVID19. It was also broadcast live on the Congolese community Facebook page ( to ensure that all members of the community could access the discussion.

Mr. Tshizanu focused on the right, but also on the need to vaccinate all members of the community in order to regain our individual and collective freedom. He described the vaccine as a “miracle of science” and a “gift from God to man”, stressing that this is the only way we could protect ourselves.

The session took place in the context of the information and awareness campaign of the refugee and immigrant communities, an initiative of Intersos Hellas, the Greek Forum of Refugees and the Greek Forum of Migrants.

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We get vaccinated!

We protect our community, we protect ourselves, we protect society!

Vaccines for All!

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