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Vaccines for all: Info sessions in January

The Greek Forum of Refugees organized four (4) informative sessions within January, in the context of the continuation of the “Vaccines for All” campaign to raise awareness in the refugee and migrant communities regarding the vaccination against COVID19.

The first session was held on Saturday, January 22 in the Senegalese community with the presence of representatives and members from the communities of Kenya and Tanzania. The second session was organized with the communities of Ethiopia and Eritrea on Sunday, January 23.

Finally, the third and fourth session were held at the premises of the Filipino community in Greece – one of the most historic migrant and refugee communities. The third session was materialized on Saturday, January 29 with the organization DIWATA (Determined Independent Women in Action for Total Advancement) and the fourth on Sunday, January 30 with the organization KASAPI Hellas.

During these sessions, the Greek Forum of Refugees promoted the dialogue with the communities, collecting questions and concerns both regarding the course and evolution of the pandemic, as well as the vaccination process. The offices of the association remain open to all communities and not only, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to support anyone wishing to complete the registration process on the COVID19 vaccination platform.

The “Vaccines for All” campaign is an initiative of INTERSOS Greece, with the support of the Greek Forum of Refugees and the Greek Forum of Migrants.

We continue to inform the refugee and migrant population that reside in Greece with the aim of contributing to the increase of the vaccinations against COVID19 and the protection of public health.

We remind you that you can always visit the campaign’s website where you can find content in ten (10) languages:

Public health is a matter that concerns us all.

Vaccines for All!

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