Upholding Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Rights in Greece

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Upholding Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Rights in Greece

Duration January 2015 to May 2016

Partner: School of Public Policy, Budapest    


The Project

A team of three students of the School of Public policy in Budapest designed and organized the project into an implementation plan that  was responding to GFR‟ objectives. Greece‟s progress towards establishing a fair and effective asylum system has been limited. In response, the Passion Project team seeks to identify cases of the non-implementation of laws and directives concerning refugee rights and entitlements in Greece in order to pressure decision makers toward fair and ethical treatment of refugees and migrants in accordance with the law.


  • Research on asylum policies and practices impairing access to international protection in Greece
  • Research and analysis of the non-implemented legislation and non-legislated directives disclosed, bring ground-level information of non-implementation and non-legislation.
  • Conduction of interviews with asylum seekers, refugees, CSO‟s and authorities working on the asylum.
  • Analysis of the legislation and raw data in order to elaborate a report aiming to address the issues to Greece authorities, EU authorities and CSO‟s on the asylum procedure access violation.


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