Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD) Athens Summit 2019

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Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD) Athens Summit 2019
Some of the participants and trainers that attended the 3 – Day TMDD Athens Summit 2019

The Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue (TMDD) is a network that connects migrant and refugee community leaders in Europe and the United States. The European migrant leadership team includes leaders from Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom, with the support of the Migration Policy Group (MPG), the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) and the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Together, our mission is to promote migrant-led actions and increased political participation.

Migrant and refugees around the world face an unprecedented attack on their rights and solidarity. We believe that the best way to resist anti-immigrant sentiment and strengthen our democracies is to empower immigrant leaders. We must be able to organize locally, nationally and internationally and build alliances with other civil society movements.

In order to achieve this mission, TMDD organizes migrant – led discussions and workshops, connects mentors and mentees and shares best practice on strategic communications, alliance building, community organizing, political participation.

TMDD has organized two Democracy Summits in Europe with Greek and international participants in Hamburg (2017) and Dublin (2018).

From 6-8 December 2019, the Greek Forum of Refugees hosted the 3rd Democracy Summit in Athens with more than fifty (50) participants overall, consisting of Greek migrant and refugee leaders and individuals along with 14 participants and trainers from abroad.

This Summit is open to applicants from all communities and organizations, including previous participants from Hamburg and Dublin.

Who is this event for?

First, we are looking for fellow migrant and refugee leaders with strong connections in communities. Whatever you do, you must be ready to share and learn about new ways to address these systemic challenges in an organized way.

Second, participants should be interested and/or working in community organizing. Community organizing represents the core strategy, which can then be completed by research, advocacy, services, communication & electoral participation.

The training was organized around different workshops on core skills and strategies where participants were invited to present and brainstorm new ideas for actions.

The workshops revolved around the following topics:

Electoral and political participation: to inform and encourage migrant and refugee communities to become voters, citizens and civically active.

Strategic communication: to convey a campaign’s goals with compelling messages and messengers targeted to different audiences.

Community organizing: to create, grow and fund one’s organization.

The event took place in Welcommon Hostel, Kapodistriou 4 street, Athens

Special thanks to the President of the Athens’ Council for Integration of Migrants and Refugees, Ms Melina Daskalaki who welcomed the initiative of the Athens Summit.

Special thanks, also, to our photographer Mr Reza Adib.

Next summit on Helsinki, Finland 2020

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