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Third win in three matches and first place in the league table

GFR F.C. vs Dynamo Smyrnis (4-0)

On Sunday, November 7, at the facilities of “Fous de Fout” in Vari, the football team of the Greek Forum of Refugees faced Dynamo Smyrnis in the context of the Elite II championship for and achieved the third victory in three matches, remaining at the top of the league table.

Despite several absences of key players, the GFR F.C. lined up with a clear orientation of dominance within the field. Mike was the goalkeeper. The central defensive duo was Guy Jr. with Jerry, on the left Immanuel and on the right, the newcomer Frank. The connecting link of the defensive and the midfield was the newcomer Ishmael and next to him Jordie. Dimitri was on the left midfield and Andrew was on the right, with George and Gael in front in a flexible and aggressive 4-4-2. Alex and Ambazonia were on the bench.

The first half found our team tied without goals, having a rough time in bending the strong defensive resistance of the opponents. However, at no stage of the match did the doubt appear to affect our players. During the break, coach Kennedy boosted the confidence of his players, asking for more substance and more persistence in the attack from the axis.

Decisive was the change of formation and the entry of Alex from the bench in place of Dimitri, who made a good first 45 minutes’ game. Kennedy passed George to a free role on the axis, giving the right flank to Alex and the left to Andrew and bringing Gael to the role of center forward. The goal came after 60 ‘and after a long shot by Gael in the left vertical corner of the opposing goalkeeper, who until that moment seemed almost invincible. After scoring the first goal, the GFR F.C. seemed relieved. In the last 15 our players showed some quality. Ambazonia who came off the bench scored for 2-0 welcoming the great direct pass by George from the right and celebrating his first – ever goal with his teammates. The 3-0 was made by George, the rocker, with a fantastic solo, dancing the opponent’s defense and finishing exemplary, while the 4-0 came again from Gael, who in his debut showed excellent elements. Very positive performance from Ishmael and Frank, who also debuted. Guy Jr. was flawless for another game in defense, the presence of Alex in the second half was very important, but the most valuable player, without a doubt, was George, who is in amazing form.

The team has gained tremendous confidence with its consecutive victories and excellent performances, openly aiming to get promoted and win the 1st place.

Photo credits: Angeliki Stamataki

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