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The story of the Greek Forum of Refugees: An interview with Yonous Muhammadi

What is the Greek Forum of Refugees? How and why did it start? What is its mission and what ideas does it serve?

Royeen Muhammadi, Volunteer and member of the Greek Forum of Refugees’ youths group organized and conducted a heartfelt interview with the founder and Director of the association, Yonous Muhammadi. An interview through which the son seized the opportunity to find out more about the life of his father. An interview with the narration of Yonous Muhammadi that records the chronicle of the creation and the action of the Greek Forum of Refugees.

The interview was materialized in the context of the “Art is Us” project, a two-year project co-funded by the European Union aiming to use the transformative force of culture for community regeneration to respond to the severe impact that the covid-19 pandemic has caused to the cultural sector and on social inclusion and cohesion.

The video project was implemented with the support of the Art and Action Network.

Supporting the intercultural dialogue and building bridges with the host society, for refugees, with refugees.

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