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The PEARL project

The Greek Forum of Refugees, as a refugee – led association, firmly supports every initiative that aims to foster participation of refugees and migrants in the public sphere.

In that sense, we partnered with other organizations from all around Europe (COMPASS GmbH from Austria, UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA from Spain, WCIF from Bulgaria, KMOP from Greece, AGIS from France, TAMAT from Italy), to run the PEARL project, an Erasmus + program that promotes migrant youth participation in decision – making processes and democratic life in European societies.

It is true that migrant and refugee youth face many obstacles at individual and structural levels that hinder their active participation in decision – making procedures and narrow their potential for civic engagement.

We aim to tackle this injustice and therefore, we are part of this two – years project that started in January 2021 and finishes in December 2022.

For more information, you can also check the project’s website:

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