The Greek Forum of Refugees honored the International Women’s Day

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The Greek Forum of Refugees honored the International Women’s Day

Ms Reine Linda Nyongo opens the International Women’s Day event

The Greek Forum of Refugees organized an event for the International Women’s Day; an event dedicated on the inclusion and empowerment of refugee, migrant and local women in the Greek society.

On Sunday the 8th of March, the Greek Forum of Refugees celebrated the International Women’s Day at the friendly premises of the “Alexandrian Breath” venue in Kypseli.

The event was coordinated by Ms Reine Linda Nyongo, who is the President of the Congo – Brazaville (RC) Community and member of the Greek Forum of Refugees’ Self – Advocacy Team (SAT). Ms Nyongo, among other things, highlighted the importance of a multi – level participation and inclusion of women in society.

Women from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as local women, attended the event, deriving from refugee and migrant communities that recide in Athens, from Nigeria, Senegal, Congo (DRC and RC), Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameroon, Tunisia and Uganda along with representatives of the ANASA Cultural Center.

The General Secretariat for Gender Equality honored the event through the following greeting:

The theme of your event is timely and indeed the concept of empowering women, regardless of their country of origin, is a very important step towards equality in our society.

A key step in initiating the empowerment process is employability and fixed wages. Stability and an uncomplicated process of finding a job are also main requirements for the effective and successful inclusion of a woman into her country of residence.

Developing skills and using them correctly in order to find work is an important part of inclusion. At the same time, learning the language (in this case the Greek language), informing women of their rights and obligations in the country of residence as as the support offered by all relevant actors are essential steps for an effective social inclusion of women and their empowerment. 

The General Secretariat for Gender Equality has, in the lines of an outreach and awareness campaign, prepared and already published on its YouTube account a video on Women’s Rights incorporating the links for the General Secretariat and the WOMENSOS web pages. 

The International Women’s Day concerns all of us and reminds us that we may have accomplished a lot but there is still more to be done.Let us, all together, work for this common cause.

The event was organized with the financial support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) as part of the program to empower and enhance advocacy and employability for the women of refugee and migrant communities in Athens.

As Ms Reine Linda Nyongo stated, “Nothing is impossible, because even the word itself comes out of the combination i’m possible”.

Photographs: Angeliki Stamataki

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