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The Greek Forum of Refugees condemns the racist attack against the Ivorian Community of Greece and calls for action against the escalation of hate speech

We strongly condemn the recent racist attack and hate speech against members of the Ivorian Community of Greece. This horrific incident, which occurred in the midst of a community’s happy moment during a football match, is a reminder of the ongoing and persistent threat of racism and xenophobia that continues to affect our society.

The Greek Forum of Refguees is warning of the increase in hate speech faced by refugees and migrants, especially in public services and citizen service centers. While organised incidents of racist violence have decreased in recent years, the increase in hate speech signals a dangerous trend that cannot be ignored and the failure to address such incidents effectively paves the way for organised racist attacks, not only against different communities but threatens democracy and our society as a whole. We must not forget and must not regress to the dark years and times when attacks against refugees and migrants were commonplace.

Our communities call on the Greek authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the racist attack against the Ivorian community, ensuring that all perpetrators are brought to justice. Furthermore, we call on policymakers and civil society organisations to intensify efforts to combat hate speech and promote an inclusive society where diversity is celebrated and protected.

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