The fire in the Moria camp will not spread. Stay calm.

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The fire in the Moria camp will not spread. Stay calm.

A 6 year- old child died in Moria camp yesterday. The fire that broke out will not spread outside the camp. You can remain calm.

We can only express our great concern and wondering when the Greek government, while taking drastic measures to avoid overcrowding in public places, has taken no action to avoid the overcrowding of refugees and migrants in the camps that are hosting them.

The public debate has focused on informing citizens about prevention and the implementation of strict and rightful measures to avoid overcrowding and concentration in public social spaces has been materialized, but it does not include refugees and migrants living in camps, as if they are not a part of this society.

The fire that broke out in Moria’s camp yesterday leading to the death of a six-year-old child was an incident that took place far from the “conceived limits” of society, thus it will not spread. The pain will only spread within the structure; a mother and a father will cry and their sorrow will be forgotten at some point in the near future, in a camp that hosts thousands of desperate people, but is far away from us. No the fire will not spread. So it should not concern the rest of us, right?

The coronavirus is spreading fast and it knows no borders or country of origin, nor it discriminates refugees from locals. It does not take under consideration if someone is working for the State or an organization. The virus affects everyone and we are concerned that the refugees and migrants are not aware of the danger; they are not fully aware the threat. There is no information handed out in their proper language, even on such a serious health issue that concerns the entirety of society. Information that will help them understand how they can protect themselves first and then the well-being of their loved ones.

We wonder why the authorities have not included the refugee and migrant population in their prevention plan. There is a lack of information and communication in the people’s proper language while, at the same time, endless time and assets are being invested in the national media regarding measures and prevention tactics.

We do not know if the government has worked out an emergency plan for the refugee camps and reception centers and we are really concerned that this situation is already affecting both the people themselves and society as a whole.

We, along with the refugee and migrant communities, are trying to keep people informed in their own language but, alas, this is not enough.

It is necessary for the State to coordinate a concrete plan regarding this issue and cooperate with all relevant authorities and organizations in order to be able to effectively address the danger that lies ahead.

The coronavirus case is a threat for all of us.

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