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Refugees’ voice is getting stronger!

On Wednesday, 20th of April 2022 the Greek Forum of Refugees held an informative session in the premises of the Congolese community in Athens regarding refugees’ representation through the Integration Councils for Refugees and Migrants.

This session was a great opportunity for the Greek Forum of Refugees to inform the members of an active and empowered community over their right to represent their community’s interests through the only representative official body for refugees and migrants in Greece. The Integration Councils offer the chance to refugees and migrants to actively engage with decision – making procedures, participate in the public discourse regarding a series of matters of public concern and interact with the Municipal authorities and the local society.

In this context, the Greek Forum of Refugees will be conducting informative sessions across Greece, aiming to empower representation of refugees to the local Integration Councils for migrants and refugees and introduce the concept of the “community” to non – formal refugee communities.

This project is funded by the International Rescue Committee and is part of the collaboration among the Refugee.Info Greece, the Mobile Info Team and the Greek Forum of Refugees to maximize the impact on the intervention of information provision to asylum seekers and refugees in Greece.

Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

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