Refugees for refugees: Supporting integration

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Refugees for refugees: Supporting integration

Duration July 2016 to June 2017

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The Project

Promote issues of social inclusion of newcomers’ refugees and asylum seekers by the involvement of refugee communities in Greece. While social inclusion plans is nonexistent in Greece, the GFR aims by this project to mobilise community on their inclusion into the Greek society. Refugee Communities are a reference point of inclusion. As main actors during this “refugee crisis”, and despite their own issues as refugees, communities have undertaken a key role. The GFR concept of integration is related to all levels: political, socio-economical and cultural. Wider community involvement can be achieved through different methods in order to support individuals to build and maintain relationships while expanding their interactions.


➔     Integration on Political level: Working group of Refugees communities representative participation on local and national public policies.

➔     Integration on Socio-Economical level: Skills assessment with the further intent of understanding opportunities for refugee community in integration through employment, as well as undertaking an advocacy campaign on refugees skills.

➔     Integration on Socio-cultural level: Interactive workshops between Refugee communities and local communities. Leisure and learning can create a space of free expression to allow identification of refugee’s needs.

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