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The Greek Forum of Refugees empowers refugee and migrant communities to advocate for their rights and obligations. Our association cooperates with several communities, formal or non – formal, all around Greece, helping them to organize and understand the framework of both the Greek and European Institutions.

We remain always in communication with communities in the sense of the self – advocacy philosophy which remains, always, the core mindset of our organization.

Alliances and Memberships

The Greek Forum of Refugees is a member of several entities and institutions across Europe and Greece.

The European Bodies

The European Bodies we are members at are the following:

The Greek Bodies we are members at are the following:


The Greek Forum of Refugees is the founder and coordinator of the Refugees’ Ideas & Solutions for Europe (RISE), an idea that was awarded by the European Union winning the challenge of “Advocate Europe” in 2016. The RISE network was established under the purpose of creating a sustainable European network of refugee and migrant led organizations, communities, as well as individuals that would be able to consult and mobilize authorities and relevant stakeholders, sharing refugees’ experience and knowledge in order to contribute in the improvement of migration policies at the European level. This project was, also, supported by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

Technically this project idea aims to portray refugee and migrant communities not exclusively as beneficiaries of social services, but as competent actors who can actually contribute through their expertise and experience towards a successful inclusion. The RISE network is essentially a self – advocacy entity that attempts to reach its objectives by empowering refugees and migrants across Europe, exchanging ideas and good practices and collecting significant issues and challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face, prioritizing at the same time the most prominent issues that arise at the European level.

The RISE network aims at enhancing the social and political participation of refugees and refugee – led organizations through a peer to peer approach, introducing new, proactive and positive narratives for and from refugees themselves.