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MATCH Social Inclusion opportunities

Duration January 2017 to December 2018                   Funded by 


The project

Match social inclusion opportunities, a 2-year project co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme, Collaborative Partnership in field of Sport, intends to foster increased participation of asylum seekers, refugees and local young people in sport activities and to create a constructive dialogue between different social groups.

The project aims to strengthen cooperation among operators in the social and sport sectors in order to mutually use the skills acquired in the educational and sport fields. These operators, following the international training course on using sport as a tool for social inclusion which took place in Palermo (Italy) last June, will have the opportunity to train young locals and those with a migration background to become “sports educators” this autumn. With the support of sport, youth workers and partners organisations, youngsters involved will put into practice the skills they acquired or strengthened in the several local activities taking place in the all the six countries involved (Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands, Spain) which include: implementation of sports tournaments targeting youth, renovation of public spaces in favour of sport, organisation of Anti-racist Festivals etc.



  • Local training to teach refugees on the use of collective sport as a tool for social inclusion.
  • Organisation of weekly football matches in 3 different areas in Athens, currently involving 49 participants from various countries (Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Burundi, DRC, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Syria, Iran, Iraq and China).
  • Organisation of a local anti-racist festival to raise awareness about the value of sport and social inclusion.
  • Conduct of a ‘green walk’ to clean the beaches around Athens and sensitize the public on the importance of recycling and keeping the public spaces clean.

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