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Informative sessions on the vaccination process against COVID19 at the Greek Forum of Refugees’ premises

On Thursday and Friday, 16 & 17 December, the Greek Forum of Refugees held two informative and raising awareness sessions on the vaccination process against COVID19 with Arab – speaking asylum seekers and refugees. The two sessions were materialized in the context of the “Vaccines for All” campaign.

The Greek Forum of Refugees informed the participants on their right of having a free access to the vaccination process, but, also, on the necessity to actively take part in the personal and public health protection.

Participants in both sessions developed their concerns about the technical details of the process’ accessibility – the need of the appropriate documents and communication with the Citizens’ Service Centers – and their willingness to engage in the public health discourse was quite remarkable.

Our association, also, informed the participants that the premises of the Greek Forum of Refugees are open to the public every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10:00 am – 13:00 pm, for information and for the support of all those who wish to gain access to the vaccination process.

The two meetings were conducted in strict compliance with the measures to limit and prevent the spread of the COVID19.

We get all vaccinated against the COVID19 and we all send a strong message TOGETHER for the protection of the public health.

We protect our community, we protect ourselves, we protect our society.

Vaccines for all!

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