Information - Awareness

The main task of the Greek Forum of Refugees is to inform refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and stateless persons about their rights and obligations. Our organization works as a link between the refugee and migrant communities and the services of the State.

In collaboration with civil society organizations, we work to assist asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in contacting with the relevant administrative services, maintaining  collaborations with other civil society organizations depending on the services they provide. For example, legal support and counseling, housing issues, health structures and services, work support and counseling, psychosocial support, access to educational procedures.

At the same time, our main goal is to raise the awareness on the Greek and European society on the issues of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Through undertaking projects, conducting strategic information campaigns, but also holding cultural events, we try to highlight the mutual co – existence between newcomers and the host society, enhancing the interaction of different cultural elements in the context of promoting dialogue.