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HARTS (Hands on Refugees Talent and Sustainability) initiative

HARTS (Hands on Refugees Talent and Sustainability) initiative, established in 2016, aims at empowering refugee women to become resilient using precious skills brought down from mothers to daughters which should not be forgotten. The workshop HARTS is not only where art begins but, mainly, it is about women’s empowering time and space in which they design, train and support each other through their creations.  
This constitutes a private meeting in a safe space between refugee women, where they share their stories, their experience and skills in terms of traditional handicrafts. It is also a recognition of what these women can bring to us and a way to encourage them to rely on themselves, to be autonomous. HARTS provides professional support to help them develop their skills and to create a sustainable outcome. This initiative is supported by Greek Forum of Refugees.

Donations will be used for supplies and for seminars for the woman of HARTS
Code for donation “HARTS”

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