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Dancing in the rain… Aris Voulas – GFR F.C. (1-2)

The Greek Forum of Refugees’ Football Team, simply the GFR F.C. , coupled its victories, last Sunday, 24th of October playing in Aris Voulas’ home in the context of the 2nd match for the Elite II championship of

Our team won 2-1, a score that could have been much higher if the team had capitalized on the great opportunities it had. Coach Kennedy led the team in a 4-3-3 formation having Lionel as a Goalkeeper, central defensive duo Guy Jr. and Platini, left back Immanuel, right Onyongo, defensive – midfielder captain Jerry, central midfielders Jordie and Jessie, on the left Brolin on the attack, on the right Patasse and on the top Peter.

Aris Voulas was lucky to be ahead early in the match, in the first ten minutes, taking advantage of our team’s sluggish start and a moment of inactivity in the center of defense to make it 1-0. After the first 15 minutes GFR F.C. took the initiative of the moves and dominated the field. By the end of the first half, we were already ahead of the score with 2-1. Initially, we made to equalize after a corner kick by Patasse and a header by Jordie who defeated the entire opposing defense in the air. Within five minutes we headed to the score with Peter, after an assist by Jessie.

In the second half, the team had several opportunities to raise the score. The entry of George, Nelson and Sekou gave even more energy, but the heavy terrain because of the non – stop rain, along with the missed chances from our sides kept the score at the final 2-1.

Guy Junior stood out from our team, who was dominant in defense after the first cold ten minutes, Immanuel on the left with endless strength for ninety minutes, very good Jordi who scored the goal, while Patasse and Brolin constantly created dangers for the opponent’s defense.

The most valuable player of the match was Jessie, who was spectacular in the field, had an assist and every time the ball passed through his feet, something good started offensively for GFR F.C.

Photo credits: Angeliki Stamataki

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