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Balkan Myth Busters
1st – 10th of September 2017

This youth exchange will gather 30 young people from Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Germany. After the YE in Kosovo in March, where the participants deconstructed of some of the national myths that influence our present, in Trstenik, we are moving towards the future! The participant will be creating future myths from present stories and will be encouraged to use music, drawing, comics, video, photography and storytelling, so their creations can be spread among our networks and future youth activities.
During this youth exchange the participants will:
• Reflect on their personal identities and the outcomes of the previous exchange
• Go deeper into the role and influence of the myths onto their identities- through culture, art, media
• Participants will use backcasting as a method
• Creating future myths from the past (stories, comics, photography, videos)
• Uploading the created contents to the blog of the project- Mything point https://mythingpoint.wordpress.com/
• Visiting religious monuments and medieval sites near Trstenik and exploring the tradition of the place
• Visiting natural and cultural heritage near Trstenik
• Taking part in adventures organized in the local adrenalin park
• Enjoy local food, products, customs and tradition
This youth exchange is part of the Balkans Myth Busters project, supported by Erasmus+ program and includes series of international youth events. In November 2016, a seminar on national myths and youth work took place in Tavankut (Serbia), while in March 2017, we organized another youth exchange in Velika Hoča (Kosovo), together with GAIA Kosovo.
The youth workers and activists who gained knowledge on the seminar conducted the program later on the Youth exchange, in a Serbian enclave in Kosovo- Velika Hoča. The participants of the YE were exploring how the identities were created and how does national myths influence the history, media and education.
The program will be diverse, intensive and very much up to the participants. We will be having sessions in the morning and afternoon, but also evening activities.
The framework of the program will be prepared by the group leaders, but participants are expected to contribute with their own ideas, skills, questions, suggestions, games, movies etc.
We will be accommodated in a mountain house near the town. The food will be prepared by our activists who shown great talent in preparing vegetarian and vegan food. So, the food will be traditional, local, seasonal and vegetarian. The village is traditionally rich in wine-growing and wineries, so participants will also learn about this old tradition and taste some of the best wines in Trstenik.

Trstenik is a small town in central Serbia, with reach and old history which is being represented by archaeological sites dating from 6000 years BC. There are many religious monuments and sited from medieval time, as well as later periods. Young people in Trstenik are trying to preserve local tradition and custom (Jerinjin Town), but also to enrich time for youth by organizing modern evens such as festival of Extreme Sports. By bringing an international group of young people to this place we want to get in direct contact with history, monuments and their meaning for youth and their identity. In the same time, we want to enrich their town with presence of multicultural group of youngsters.

A Youth Exchange in the frame of the Erasmus+ Program is a project which brings together groups of young people from two or more countries providing them an
opportunity to confront and discuss various themes while learning about each other’s countries, peoples and cultures. Youth exchanges give young people the opportunity to become active, involved, creative, and critical, to learn from each other, to learn about and challenge themselves, to make mistakes and learn from them, to experience diversity in small…

We will choose 5 participants from Greece. The participants should:
● be interested in topics and willing to get prepared before the youth exchange
● be willing to live sustainably and in an international community surrounded by nature and hills for 10 days
● be ready for active participation and contribution
● be in the age between 18 and 30 (few exceptions possible for young people under 18; group leaders can be older than 30)

● accommodation and food will be covered through the project
● travel costs (only environmentally friendly means of transport) will be reimbursed after ALL ORIGINAL tickets are received
● internet will not be available, except for urgent, so if you are supposed to write your thesis or cannot survive without Facebook, please do not consider applying.

You can apply here: https://9671.typeform.com/to/lw8uEM

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