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Food for All

The Greek Forum of Refugees in collaboration with INTERSOS HELLAS is starting the implementation of the FOOD FOR ALL program, which is supported by Stichting Vluchteling – SV (

The program aims to help as much as possible to cover the most basic human need, food. It is directed towards the most vulnerable groups of the society, refugees and migrants at this moment, given the current situation in Greece, especially in Athens, which makes it difficult for refugees and migrants to meet their basic needs.

The absence of an effective protection and support system for the most vulnerable groups of our society leads, among others, to insufficient provision of food, shelter, medical care and legal support. All this leads to worsening of the already desperate situation of these people from the social fabric and the creation of many difficulties regarding their survival.

Our goal is to secure food for as many of our fellow citizens as who are in need, to relieve them of this burden and then to serve any other need that arises and to which we can contribute.

The Greek Forum of Refugees, as always, is present in times of crisis and contributes with whatever means it has in order to support the most vulnerable people of our society.

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