Extreme Poverty during the refugees’ journey

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Extreme Poverty during the refugees’ journey
The Greek Forum of Refugees strongly feels the need to present and denounce the conditions that the refugees are dealing with, as soon as they arrive, in the European continent. The continent, that started values such as Democracy and Solidarity, proves being unable to apply them practically. Europe can do and offer, much more than what has been done until today. The GFR receives every day messages from European citizens that would like to offer help. Unfortunately, the leaders’ policies, worldwide, do not keep up with this movement and the least that we can do is to denounce.
We denounce, that in peace time, thousands of people are losing their lives, in Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, while attempting to arrive in Greece. We denounce that none government is preoccupied to offer a legal, safe and decent path for these people to reach safe territories. We denounce absence of State care when people “succeed” to arrive in Greece, despite despicable means such as floated boats and being taken advantage by the smuggler networks. Many are the people holding their children’ pictures, asking us if we have seen them. We denounce that families with children are sleeping in the streets.  None economic crisis should degrade our values.
Concerning the continuation of the journey towards North of Greece, we denounce professional drivers fighting to make the most money possible from people that came to ask for international protection. The difficulties do not stopped there. We denounce that refugees are repressed from Police forces in the whole continent. They are imprisoned in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, they are misled and they lose their way to a safe life. Those people crossed miles and are left unprotected.
The GFR denounces this entire situation that took place in the last months, through the eyes and voice of refugees themselves, and asks everybody to support the victims of wars, political difficulties and turbulences happening worldwide. It is our human obligation in the sense of Justice; this task is beyond any political and social background. The GFR strongly believes that we can and must transform this path from curse to blessing.

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