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Europe Bottom – Up Migration Conference 10 – 12 May 2022

The Europe Bottom – Up Migration Working Group, the Greek Forum of Refugees, the Network for Dialogue and the Department of Public Health Policy at the University of West Attica have the pleasure of inviting you to our nexus conference on May 10 – 12, 2022!

• Europe Bottom – Up! The mission of Europe Bottom – Up is to strengthen the participation and the shared responsibility of European citizens, their communities and their organizations. Founded in 2021, its Migration Working Group aims to develop, practice and promote new democratic participative formats, creating synergy and impact across boundaries: Academically, culturally, politically.

• Formulating a response to the Ukraine crisis: Russia’s invasion to Ukraine has created the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since the World War II. The overriding imperative now is to stop violence and support its citizens and refugees in any way possible. How can we best help empower the empowerers, humanitarian and civil society organizations that are working to mitigate the devastating impact of this war and other crises?

• Empowering the empowerers: This conference at the EPLO building in downtown Athens, represents the first opportunity for the Europe Bottom – Up Migration Working Group to invite the entire network to meet. We aim to build bridges by inviting European academics, politicians and other European stakeholders in order to create new connections, revive old ones and set an agenda for the future.

• Europe: From consent to consensus: Changed times call for new forms of unity, political dialogue and bottom – up action. Our keynotes, panels and workshops will address policy – making in Europe, inclusion through dialogue and partnership, new ways of effectively building capacity and supporting engagement and last, but not least, good governance with a special focus on the municipalities.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Athens!

The Greek Forum of Refugees
Yonous Muhammadi

Migration Working Group
Pieter Boeder

Network for Dialogue
Alexandra Djuric Milovanovic

Department of Public Health Policy at the University of West Attica
Theodoros Fouskas


The 1st Europe Bottom – Up Migration Conference will take place at the EPLO building, Polygnotou 2, 10555 Athens

Admission is free, advance registration is required:

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