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The pilot of ERMES: Effective & Respectful MEntal Health support was launched in April 2018 and it aimed at involving qualified mediators in mental health care procedures to facilitate refugees’ access to these services and enhancing professionals’ practice when treating refugees.

The pilot of the project was formed into two phases:

In the first phase, a scientific committee was set up to create the toolkit on which the training of a group of ten (10) community interpreters was based upon.

In the second phase, May 2019, we carried out various activities aimed to communicate and disseminate specific information regarding mental health.

In particular, we organized workshops for professionals working on the mental health field and at the same time, we created a booklet with introductory information on mental health for the reference population (Greek, English, French, Farsi, Arabic).

We will return with more detail in the near future, presenting some of the activities that unfolded during the 1,5 year of our project.

Stay tuned!

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