Empowerment for Refugee Communities in Greece

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Empowerment for Refugee Communities in Greece

Duration June 2018 to November 2018                          Funded by 

The Project

The project revolves around two major components. First, a set of trainings is being held in order to provide appropriate means, tools and skills to several refugee communities’ members aiming at supporting and strengthening their empowerment. Improving their organization management and capacity-building remains a compelling need that should be addressed to make refugee communities autonomous and therefore able to design, organise and implement their own activities. Second, a particular focus is put on women: based on the results of the HARTS initiative that provides a space for refugee women to create handicrafts, the project has provided support in the professionalization and sustainability of their activities. They have been provided with relevant knowledge and inputs supporting a labor market-oriented approach, thus setting their skills within a vocational framework.


  • A set of job-shadowing trainings will be conducted based on the initial results of similar trainings led at the beginning of the year with various refugee communities members.
  • 10 seminars were led to increase refugee women business skills and knowledge of entreprenariat, the Greek labour-market and its legal framework, market research and social entreprises.

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