Cooperation and Dialogue the only solution to polarization

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Cooperation and Dialogue the only solution to polarization
Greek Forum of Refugees’ statement on the recent events happened in Lesvos

The situation in the islands of the northeast Aegean, and especially in Lesvos, is extremely worrying and the events of the past few days intensify our concern.

The overcrowding in the camp of Moria, and not only there, in combination with the unbearable living conditions refugees and migrants suffer daily, have caused grave conditions of polarization and tension among everyone involved, that is triggered and amplified by the extreme rhetoric that is now emerging and reproduced from many different sources.

The Greek State must focus on the provision of immediate as well as holistic solutions, without in any way deviating from the path of respecting human rights. The tensions and the extreme polarization that arise threaten to divide a society that, for the last four years or more, has been addressing this issue with dignity. We call on all parties involved to lower the tone and engage in a constructive dialogue, as the situation is crucial. The complexity of the issues, in fact, requires a broad and holistic approach, not unilateral actions. In this effort no one should be left out. Anyone who has a sense of the responsibility required and the difficulties embedded in the current situation must sit at the same table and discuss the existing problems on their real basis.

We call on all parties involved to contribute their knowledge and experience and to create together a broad grounds of cooperation in order to finally provide sustainable solutions. We call on the Greek State to create common frameworks of collaboration to effectively address the challenges in order to abolish rather than maximize problems.

The Greek Forum of Refugees firmly believes that the issues that arise are not only of national but prominently of a European, even international, interest. This is the reason why we must not stop pursuing the need for cooperation and dialogue at a national, European and international level.

These issues concern us all.

We must act immediately.

For the consequences have long been evident.

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