Training kit for Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations

Refugee and migrant community organizations play an essential role in public life, by acting as a bridge of communication between newcomers and the host society.

Their role in supporting refugees and asylum seekers is crucial in providing valid and useful information to facilitate daily life, helping both to learn the language of the host country and to highlight common landmarks between cultures.

The main goal of this project is to improve the quality of refugee enjoyment of human rights and is based on the idea of ​​supporting the active integration of marginalized, vulnerable or excluded communities.

In this way, the project seeks to strengthen the integration of refugees by supporting the empowerment of those who want to play an active role in their communities, but also at European level. Through the project, the needs, strengths and trends of the community will be identified and we will seek to produce an educational package that will address these challenges and offer improved skills to overcome them.

Part of our project will be a training program aimed at supporting the mobilization of refugees in organized and effective communities that will be active in various areas such as peer support, the provision of appropriate information or other services within the community, advocacy at national level and European level and the interaction with the bodies of government, aiming  at strengthening the voice of the excluded groups and the pressure or sensitization of the policy-makers.

This will be the training kit that will integrate the challenges faced by refugees in their quest for more effective integration and inclusion in their new host countries.

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