The Greek Forum of Refugees’ Self-Advocacy Team (SAT)

Based on its experience in mobilizing and empowering refugee communities in Athens, the Greek Forum of Refugees is determined to focus on their cultural & political integration.

Most integration measures and initiatives promoted by policy makers and civil society organizations focus mainly on social and economic integration.

Of course, the latter is an essential condition for real integration into society. However, the issue of political integration of refugees and migrants is crucial for all parties involved. Primarily, for the refugees and migrants themselves, but also for the host society itself. Understanding the political system and institutional structure of the host country is a crucial element of a citizen’s integration.

In this light, one of the earliest goals set by the Greek Forum of Refugees during its establishment was achieved. The creation of an advocacy group (SAT), composed of members of different nationalities, which will support a holistic social inclusion based on its political participation and with the aim of influencing policy makers, while at the same time organizing migrant and refugee communities, is the most important mission of the organization.

SAT members went through various workshops, held briefings for its members and communities, had the opportunity to work in the workshops and were invited as keynote speakers in various conferences, national, European, and international.

The benefits gained from the aforementioned activities as a result for the Team to gain valuable experience in maintaining a public presence, organizing, and managing to sensitize the refugee communities regarding the ongoing changes in the political establishment.

At this point we need to make it clear that our main goal is to support, in the best possible way, all SAT participants with the appropriate skills and in order to be able to make good use of the available advocacy tools.

Finally, we are steadily strengthening the interaction between the Self-Advocacy Team and the representatives of national authorities, European organizations, and institutions, while at the same time strengthening relations between the communities. Aiming to thoroughly inform the members of the Self-Advocacy Team, we provide the potential representatives of the Greek Forum of Refugees and the refugee and migrant communities with useful tools and in-depth content on critical issues of public life and interest, with our focus on refugees and migrants in Greece and Europe.

The philosophy of the Greek Forum of Refugees’ Self-Advocacy Team is based on the principle that the best representation of refugee and migrant communities emerges through the communities themselves and their members. Solutions can come from refugees, with refugees, for refugees. Always in the context of strengthening and empowering the social, political and economic cohesion of the host country.

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