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Asylum Challenges: The recognition of Turkey as a safe third country

Dear friends,

The Greek Forum of Refugees invites you all to the public panel discussion regarding “Asylum Challenges: The recognition of Turkey as a safe third country”.

The public discussion will take place in Serafio, City of Athens on the 3 rd of March at 12:00 pm and will be broadcast LIVE through the Greek Forum of Refugees’ Facebook page.

The context

On June 7 th 2021, in a Joint Ministerial Decision, the Greek government unilaterally declared Turkey as a safe third country for asylum seekers originating from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

Because of this decision, a large number of asylum seekers found their applications inadmissible and utterly denied, resulting their exclusion from the already limited services, such as accommodation and cash assistance. The number of people without documents is significantly increased, extending the drama of the refugee journey and forcing people in a permanent limbo state where the expectations of a better life are devastated. Once asylum seekers receive a rejection to their case, they are deprived of their accessibility to social benefits and are added to the large number of vulnerable and invisible people residing in Greece.

On this topic we have formed a panel to discuss on the various challenges that derive out of this poor Joint Ministerial Decision aiming to raise the issue to the public discourse.

The panel

Mr Yonous Muhammadi, Director of the Greek Forum of Refugees, Consultant of the expert group on the views of migrants at the European Commission, member at the Board of Directors of the European Civic Forum and member of the Afghan Diaspora Initiative.

Mr Reshad Jalali, Policy Officer at the European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Ms Eleni Takou, Deputy Director of HumanRights360

Mr Lefteris Papagiannakis, Director of the Greek Council for Refugees

Ms Palwasha Ashrafi, Asylum seeker from Afghanistan in Greece

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