We defend the rights of Refugees

Representation - Mediation - Empowerment

 The Greek Forum of Refugees is actively participating as bearer of Advocacy for the organised refugee communities in the Inclusion Councils of immigrants and refugees, which have a consulting role in every municipality of the country.

The srategic goal of the organisation is the creation, the reform and constant operation  of the councils in every municipality that has is inhabited by refugees and immigrants, reassuring on one hand a constant representation and also communication with the authorities for any problems that might occur in a domestic level, but also the initiatives and actions as defined by law for assembling Inclusion councils of immigrants and refugees.

The procedure mentioned above, in addition to the participation of refugees and asylum seekers in social things, we claim a stronger interaction with local societies, but also enhancing the role of local authorities and encouraging initiatives in a political level. The organisation is a stable and reliable interlocutor of the state for facing mutual challenges

Our Advocacy team (SAT)