About Us


The founding goals of the Greek Forum of Refugees converge on the following six points:

1.Defending the rights and protecting the freedoms of refugees and asylum seekers , as enshrined by international law. Monitoring developments in the legislation , both the Greek , European and international, responsible for the issues around refugees. Updating refugees of their rights and obligations.

2. Informing and raising awareness around access to refugee status, and general immigrant and refugee issues. Raising awareness of Greek as well as international governmental and non-governmental organizations on the situation of refugees in Greece. To raise awareness and provide relevant information to improve the situation of refugees.

3. Creating relationships with agencies and non-governmental organizations in order to start meaningful dialogue between all institutions of government and human rights organizations.

4. Supporting the unity of refugees. Creating  social and cultural ties between all members of the Greek Forum of Refugees , as well as between the members of each ethnic community of refugees in Greece .

5. Effectively lobbying with the state for the promotion of refugee issues. To demand the provision of adequate resources to the asylum committee, including personnel in the appropriate and necessary languages. 

6.Providing a platform for refugees and their communities to self-organize. The Greek Forum of Refugees encourages refugees and asylum seekers to organize themselves in order to collectively shapes and contribute their own leaders so as to engage in high quality, public debate.

Our Aims

The aim of the Forum is to create a Panhellenic network of individuals, legal professionals and communities, working to support asylum seekers, political refugees and stateless persons, as well as any others who may meet the criteria set by the Convention of Geneva and the protocols attached to it, or the Greek framework for the protection. The pivotal role of the Association, founded on democratic principles, has the aforementioned population, through organized forms of its expression:

  • The solidarity and support for the aforementioned population,
  • Unity and self organization of actions, in order to integrate and participation in the Greek society.
  • The development of relations of cooperation and solidarity between the organizations and the communities of these population.
  • The effort to solve the problems at both individual and collective levels.
  • The contribution in the amelioration of asylum policies in both Greece and the Europe and the claim of the population’s participation in discussions that concern it.

Means for the achievement of its aims indicatively are:

  • Seminars, information days, conferences, festivals, education, studies and general support, with an emphasis on vulnerable cases, young people and women.
  • Networking and cooperation with public and private organizations and NGOs, as well as individuals, in Greece and abroad.
  • Development of projects and actions against racism and xenophobia, and the promotion of the principles of multiculturalism, social justice and the equal participation.
  •  Development of actions for the support of the second generation of the aforementioned population, as well as the highlighting of gender issue, based on the principles of an intercultural approach.
  • Cultural exchanges with the Greek society.
  • Training and elaboration of relevant proposals and the participation in every kind of actions concerning the aforementioned population, only or in cooperation with other organizations, in Greece and abroad.
  • Establishment of offices, meeting halls/rooms, libraries, the organization and the function of social welfare structures, housing, cultural centers, information centers, the organization of events, seminars and educational, publications etc…
  • All the legal means that will be judged by its Institutions.

The Forum will, according to its aims, become member of legal coordinating bodies and legal entities that have similar or complementary aims, at national, European and International level.


The Greek Forum of Refugees  cooperates with different stakeholders working  for refugees rights in Greece, in Europe and in the international level.